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Li Xiang

Instagram- xlivingart

Li Xiang founded X+Living Architectural Design in Shanghai. Her high-profile design has become the benchmark in aesthetic design and strategic design, and won international recognition with a series of top international awards.

‘It was all started with a study trip in Germany, the teacher took us to visit some famous projects. I was upset back then, and couldn’t pay attention to surroundings until a giant ‘rugby’ jumped into my eye, curiosity was suddenly full of my head. Why was it here?What was it trying to express?Even if I didn’t know the purpose and the meaning of this installation, I still couldn’t help but get involved in the whirlpool thinking. That was the first encounter between Anish Kapoor and me. This encounter touched me so much that when I went back to China to continue my architectural design work, I still remember the deep shock at that time during the endless and repeated paperwork. Before I started my business, I worked in China construction institute and was engaged in architecture. At that time, most of our projects were conventional in concept and lack of creativeness. But I wanted to have more of a voice in innovation, and to build something that contains my own values and spiritual ideas. So I just quit the job and then found my own studio. I hope to create designs that are not often seen but hold people’s breath. When people meet and explore, they will be curious, forget sadness and embrace the unknown surprise. ’

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