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Letícia Sitta- Whabout

Instagram- wha.bou.t

"Hi! We are Whabout, a collective of three brazilian architects: Raissa Gattera (PUC Campinas, Brazil - 2017), Letícia Sitta and Thais de Freitas (PUC Campinas, Brazil - 2018).

Our method and approach to the process of analysis, design and implementation of projects understand architecture as a tool of social transformation and empowerment of communities. Since the early years of our graduation school, we understood the importance of participating and being involved in architecture competitions in order to understand what were the real questions that architects should be asking. By doing so, our design proposals could give light to problems, give voice to the unseen and become the necessary tool for change vulnerable communities around the world.

Among our awarded projects are: Floating Artisan School - Venice (First Place - Archicontest / 2016); Human Trafficking Tenancingo - Mexico (Honorable Mention - Archoutloud / 2017); Territory-line of citizenship - Mumbai Mixed Housing (Runner-UP - Archoutloud / 2018); Benga Secondary School - Malawi / Africa (Honorable Mention - Archstorming / 2019); Hope Dental Center - Rwanda / Africa (Second Place - Archstorming / 2020)."

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