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Lea Hartmann

Instagram - leaa.rchitecture

Growing up in a small village in Germany I spent a lot of time in the nature and on construction sites with my father. He encouraged me to study architecture because I have always been creative, curious and never stopped exploring. Through my study I developed quite a bit. My passion for the complexity and at the same time simplicity of architecture deepened with every project I did as well as the desire to gain more knowledge in my practice. The dependence of context, heritage, space, color, materiality, structure, communication and technology excites me. Recently I had the chance to complete an exchange semester in Dunedin, New Zealand that broadened my view quite a bit. While before that I was already interested in sustainability, I was finally able to work on combining my two passions. I love every aspect of my practice. How architecture influences society and environment, but also the chances it has to be aesthetic and sustainable at the same time. I have the strong belief that my ideas, designs and urge to find the right solution can have an impact and I am looking forward to all the challenges the future holds for me.

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