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Laura Cunico


When I was child, I really loved building apartments and tall towers for my dolls. Until that time I never stop to project! Architecture is one of my most great passion!

On my instagram profile at @laura.cunico I am continuing to share all my visions, travels and graphic experiments. I am talking about architecture throughout podcast, photos and videos because I believe that the research of the beauty is my mission. From the collaboration with the italian archistar Michele De Lucchi I learnt that I can not be an architect without being designer, interior designer and a crazy dreamer. From the collaboration with Matteo Thun I understand the fundamental connection between us and the world. From the direct collaboration with Giorgio Armani, I am convinced that elegance and beauty are inside us and we need to discover it in every details. Lotus is my most beautiful design project that can express all my dynamic soul: this sofà borns from a play of two lotus flowers that can flow in different configurations, together or in perfect balance, separately.

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