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  • MsLandArch. Alejandra Pérez Bahamonde - Púa Studio

Landscape and Urbanism Masterplan for the Implementation of the National Botanical Garden of Lima

By: MsLandArch. Alejandra Pérez Bahamonde - Púa Studio

Instagram: @pua_studio

Facebook: Púa Studio @puastudio

Site area: 202.27 hectares

Location: Santiago de Surco and Chorrillos districts, Lima, Perú.

Year: 2019

​The project is located in the megalopolis of Lima, in a complex social, political and cultural context, on the threshold of its bicentennial; and intends to intervene in the heart of the city to face simultaneously two of its main shortcomings: the urban-landscape quality and the absence of metropolitan facilities, with the objective of contributing to the improvement of the urban ecology and the quality of life of the citizens.

The proposal is a landscape and urbanism masterplan, structured in two sections, one analytical and the other projectual. In the first section, a synthesis of the urban-landscape evolution and situation of the territory is made, studying the environmental, socioeconomic, conceptual and urbanistic framework, as well as the current state and the relationship with the environment of the project area. In the second section, proposals for actions in the surrounding urban landscape, and, finally, the architectural, urban and landscape proposal for the new Botanical Garden of Lima are collected, seeking to sign up for a city, identity, culture, cohesion and diversity project, with a pedagogical language about respect and balance between the urban and the natural.

The project merges with the network of green corridors proposed by the most recent metropolitan urban plan for Lima, and adheres and articulates to the “Open Spaces and Ecological Infrastructure System” through a corridor with north-south direction and vice versa. At the same time, it integrates and articulates with the existing and proposed road system and metropolitan bicycle network. With this, its vocation as a national botanical garden is reinforced, which should transcend its scientific function to also assume the role of a “metropolitan park”, being a living organism in the broad matrix of the city.

For its construction, all the architectural and urban elements located in the institutional-administrative area of the project land, which houses an active military air base, would be demolished. Additionally, the elements built in the landing track area would also be demolished, of which only the axes would be preserved. From the existing orchard layout area, some vectors and part of the current water course of some irrigation ditches would be preserved. It is worth mentioning, that the project includes the environmental, technical and urban restoration of the canal “Surco” and its network of ditches, for the water supply of the garden.

This project, is mainly a declaration of ideas and intentions, a compositional and functional idea, a plan that sets out criteria and possibilities, and that assumes the tasks of environmental protection, support for urban ecology and scientific research and divulgation, but also having the inalienable role of being a social service, a metropolitan green space, so necessary to implement in the chaotic matrix of Lima, not only for ecological reasons, but as a service for the health and well-being of its inhabitants. Social and environmental sustainability, go hand in hand here, in an optimistic scenario, as are the people of Lima.

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About Púa Studio

Púa Studio is landscape, urbanism, and architecture office, a multidisciplinary team that was developed to combine art, science and technology. The project was created in Peru, founded by Alejandra Pérez and Ursula Garcia, both architects with multiple interests, including urbanism, project management, public spaces, ecosystems and natural-space design, engineering, ecology and botany. We understand the natural and the urban landscape and its value for human beings. We study its aesthetic, physical, social, historical and cultural variables, as part of a constant analysis to better understand the diverse natural and artificial processes present in the environment, on its different scales: from local urban gardens to large, protected, natural ecosystems.

Púa, through design, research and practice, projects spaces that are more human, in accordance with the new and essential demands: sustainability and innovation, at the same time that it integrates society, economy and technology, putting in value the urban and natural landscapes, through integral and coherent projects with the environment in which they are implanted.

Púa seeks to encourage users to be aware of the value of the landscape and committed to its preservation.

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