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  • Alessia Silva Urdanivia

La Victoria City Hall

Design by: Alessia Silva Urdanivia Instagram: @alessiasilvarq ISSUU: alessiasilvau29 Institution: Universidad de Lima Professor: Daniel Yep Taboada In order to begin this project’s development we used another location in the district to install La Victoria City Hall, placing it in a terrain next to one of the most crowded avenues of Lima Peru, which is Javier Prado avenue. The question we asked ourselves was, What would the City Hall do for people? One of the points I considered was that they have to help neighbors with their procedures and documentation, but at the same time create a resting space, a spot to escape from the city routine and become a landmark for the people. I made project strategies based on that in order to develop the geometry, which were: make a sunken site that is not run over by passersby with this square that gathers and serves as a public space, differentiate entrances for visitors and workers and finally manage the visuals in the project so that they are direct throughout the tour. Having these points clear, the program I needed was taking shape in the proposed geometry, which were 3 blocks that helped me to create the full and empty, and to be able to place the circulation in the middle in order to distribute it to the entire building. Some interesting environments it had were: the district's art gallery for local artists, a library for children and adults, a large auditorium and a cafeteria for workers that is located on the outdoor terrace. I opted to use exposed concrete of a warm hue that resembles the adobe color that the huacas have in Peru, this also seemed important to me to achieve the feeling I wanted to do, something that contrasts with what is in the zoning. I was testing a constant rhythm on the walls of the facade with these eaves that avoid direct radiation and at the same time create a pleasant shade inside.

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