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  • Gonzalo Lopez / KnitKnot Architecture

La Laguna Apartment, Spain

Gonzalo Lopez / KnitKnot Architecture

The project undertakes the retrofit of a large 1970s apartment into two smaller units: a family home of 100 sqm and an independent studio apartment of 25 sqm. The 20 m deep building plan only receives natural light through two narrow facades located at opposite ends and a 3 x 3 m internal light well. The living room was located at the south end in the original apartment, while five small bedrooms were structured alongside a long and dark corridor around the light well and north façade.

Our intervention reverts this organization by moving the living room to the middle of the plan, eliminating the need for long corridors and bringing in natural light by introducing large windows on the light well walls. Through this action, the living room becomes not just a place to rest or entertain guests, but the heart of the apartment, optimizing circulation and allowing direct connections to the kitchen and bedrooms. The south end of the apartment is now occupied by the studio, which works as an independent unit, with its own bathroom and small kitchen.

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