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  • Sina Nazarian

L house

Architect : Sina Nazarian (@sina_nazariyan)

Contanct e-mail :

Project location : Shahrak Gharb , Tehran, iran

Design year : 2020

Life begins and goes on in the nature.

The nature that we’ve forgotten through our every day life.

This project is an attempt to create the missing green spaces in today’s architecture and redesigning them in a modern way which represents the pure nature.

“L house” is located in a residential area named “Shahrak Gharb” in Tehran,Iran.

There is an access to the main street from the east of the site and another one from the south of it to an dead ended alley which both dominate L house location due to providing sight into it.

It means that, We’ve considered the least transparent walls wherever we had sight into the house form the street, and mass windows and openings where we had no sight into the house and drow the nature into our spaces .

Also the maximum spatial and visual communication with the yards were considered.

Most of the site’s area was assigned to yards with different features to enhance the lifes quality of people who live there and provide them with the opportunity of being connected to the nature.

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