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Location: Varese, Italy

year: 2020

L House is a 240 square feet residential project located in the heart of the Varese Lake area, in northern Italy.

The access area, located to the north, is separated by the continuous perimeter wall of the house which maintains the privacy of the internal living spaces and of the internal garden with swimming pool; all the spaces both in the living area and in the sleeping area face south and west, guaranteeing an excellent solar contribution even in the coldest winter months, according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture.

The L-shape creates a clear distinction between the living area and the sleeping area; the intersection between the two wings encloses the entrance area and the service area, with direct internal access to the garage, finally, we have created (behind the garage and the sleeping area) a green space of 70 square feet for the cultivation of fruit plants, as requested by the clients .

All the walls facing the internal garden have a wooden slat cladding on the facade and all the openings are full-height in order to maximize the relationship between interiors and exteriors.

The long part of the wall that faces north towards the pedestrian and vehicular access walkway is covered with anthracite paint. The project is characterized by the clean lines and the simplicity of the interiors with a clear typically oriental appeal, made evident by the use of neutral colored surfaces in conjunction with a wide use of wood in the finishes.

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