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  • Monika V. Pancheva

Kneippen in der Biela

Instagram page : Monika V. Pancheva (@monikapancheva) I am from Bulgaria, but I am currently studying architecture in Dresden, Germany. The origin of this project came when I received a really interesting task in Uni- TU Dresden, Germany. We had to design a building for hydrotherapy that fits in a specific place in the region- Schweizermühle. There are different users of this building so it had to be accessible for people of all ages, including invalids.

The building is pretty much open to its surroundings, so it captures the true spirit of nature. It is located exactly on the Biela river valley, so the users can easily access it and use the water treatment. I kept the materials simple. They play a major role in the project, since they fit in the picture perfectly allowing me to achieve a balance between architecture and nature. I used bamboo for the roofs, that allows the water to flow away, without the need of other installations and it is reciclable. There is an interesting shadow game going on, when the sun hits the west part of the building. As you may have noticed, there are not any doors, nor windows. The rooftops serve as the borders that form the space. The huge curtain can be taken away, allowing the space to expand easily or it can be used to create a more private atmosphere for the clients. The major thing in the project is the shallow pool, that can be used by anyone, to walk there, healing his feet muscles.

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