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Kimiya Ziyabari

My Instagram is

My Name is Kimiya Ziyabari. I’m Born in 1996 in Tehran, Iran. my Father and Brother are Civil Engineers and that Created a Field Interest in me to Become an Architect. one of my Hobbies is Doing Yoga and i think that Calmness is the Greatest Achievement of Human Being. i Try to Design by this Theory and Gift this Calmness to Users of my Designing. my Country has a Historical and Beautiful Architecture but Unfortunately the Meaningful and Artistic side of Architecture has Died in my City Nowadays, but I’m Always Trying to Change that and Bring the Contextual Architecture of Iran back to Life. i Watch and Learn from every Architect all around the World through Social Media. I like Avangard Art so much and i Try to be Unique and have my own Style in my Designing.

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