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Ketki Lavate & Amruta Lavate

Lavate Architects & Designer (@pen_design_studio) • Instagram

Hello, I am Ar. Ketki Lavate and my elder sister, my guide and co fonder of our firm Amruta Lavate.

To Be honest I had no clue what being an architect really intent until I realised the fact that I can have something designed and released in the real world. As time progressed, I began to be intrigued by how building can affect a human’s lifestyle, behaviour and his manners. felt like a creator of my own little world. After entering into the profession, we both, started practising under the name “Pen Design Studio” for 11 years now. My sister and I had one principle while designing that it must be wholistic design, it should include as environment in as possible and be less destructive towards it. Our practice is mainly inspired by local craftsmen rather than architectural idealisation. We believe in keeping the true face of the art alive. These small details give nature to a structure: thousands of stories bind together to make why hide them behind dull mask. I consider architect as 3-dimensional prism who knows to be aware of the past while designing in the present for an unknown future. Talking about you you'll get will speak future plans to know as our work about it all. Thank you. stay connected @pen_design_studio (

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