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Kaunteya Unveils the Exquisite Airavata Collection Series I - Airavata

Luxury tableware brand Kaunteya unveils its Series I from the bespoke tableware collection Airavata. This spectacular tableware series showcases the beauty and grace of the Indian god Indra’s vahana – Airavata, a white elephant with four tusks and 7 trunks which is unparalleled, spellbinding and mysterious.

The Airavata series is an ode to the mystery and the profound influence that this vahana has had on our sense of devotion. Culture, intrigue and a skillful blend of impeccable workmanship are the soul of this tableware set. Designed using the Pattachitra art form that is native to eastern India, this series will behold you with its pastel hues, clean bold lines and single tone settings. Furthermore, all products in the Airavata series have been finished with 24 K gold.

Kaunteya’s new tableware series is awe-inspiring and adds a touch of tradition and sophistication to any space. Each piece showcases the brand’s immaculate finishing and innovative embellishing. Bring home this series to instantly elevate the décor of your table.

About Kaunteya

Inspired from the historic artforms, heritage and architecture of India, Kaunteya is an immersive Indian art experience that have been transposed on dinnerware, glassware, teaware, home décor, ready to awe your senses. Each piece from Kaunteya reflects an Indian story in all its splendor. Each of Kaunteya collections takes the incredible beauty of Indian art, culture, history and mythology to the world, and enriches it with its enchanting allure and depth.

The carefully crafted wares are created with utmost attention to every minute detail. The intricate designs are silk screen-printed, hand-decorated and then fired to achieve the breathtaking colours. They are accented with a touch of 24k pure gold, which transforms it into a perfect heirloom, which you would be proud to pass on to the next generation.

Kaunteya is currently retailing five distinct tableware series, Byah, Pichwai, Jyamiti, Dasara and Airavata with placemats, napkins and cushion covers across the world.



Contact: +91 99930 45390


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The products are also available on the following Online Websites:

Tata Cliq Luxury, Home Artisan, MI Casa, House of Things, Jaypore, Qamaash Singapore among others.

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