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Kalissa Pequito


Kalissa Pequito represents contemporary art, visiting Tropicalism and Pop Art and joining a sensitive and creative look at our belonging and contemplating nature.

The sensitivity in the use of colors and the disposition of elements of nature establishes a creative play with the landscape genre, bringing life and soul to the interior that each work proposes to honor.

Art lover since 1983, since her birth. As a child, she was always encouraged by her parents and grandmother to develop with free courses in painting, drawing and sculpture. Later, she graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, which covers all artistic aspects and broadened his view on the Universe of Art.

Taking with her inspirations from Italy, France, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic and, of course, Brazil, places where she lived in search of knowledge and cultural background. In Brazil, she completed an MBA at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. In Rome, she studied photography. In Paris, she did postgraduate studies in Art History and Restoration of Monuments at the École du Louvre.

With work always connected to your thoughts, creativity and emotion. Therefore, according to the artist, full satisfaction during the creation of the works does not occur in a single moment. It gradually disappears with each stroke, concomitant with moments of "brainstorm" and euphoria.

Art is the strongest of her passions and needs to be nurtured and colored every day, as well as enjoying the creative process is as important as the end result of an art work.

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