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Kadıköy Square Urban Design competition Project

Honorable Mention, Istanbul is yours Kadıköy Square Urban Design competition Project

Project team; @emrehanozcan @dorukgorkemozkan @emreekull bernadiler @serkankocr@mettmzl@omerustalr

The increase in the density of construction in Kadıköy has led to the need for a connection with the Historic Peninsula. Thanks to the maritime transportation that started in the 19th century, the working area was named İskele Square. With this date, the area between the sea and the city, which has become the entrance and exit point of Kadıköy, has gained its current form with the fillings made to meet the increasing needs over time. The most important problem of Iskele Square is that an urban space defined as a square should provide flexible usage opportunities to the users, but it is a place where users escape. The pedestrian and vehicle density in the center, parking lots, public transportation stops, idle meat-fish establishments, ad-hoc kiosks and vendors do not allow the user to experience them.

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