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Julia K. A.

Julia K. A. 🌿🤍 (@escapejulie)

✨☁️ julia (@decadex)

" My passion for interior architecture and design has started from a young age and back then I already knew what I wanted to do, I know, pretty crazy!

I was born and raised in Poland, but moved to Manchester, UK, almost 9 years ago. During my childhood, I was able to travel around Europe with my parents which have made me appreciate different cultures and styles of Architecture. My passion for designing and art grew from my young age, as I would always enter school competitions and draw in my spare time!

Apart from studying at university, I am very much interested in graphic design and freelance work, as I have studied it in college for 2 years. I also dedicate my time to volunteering on the weekends at one of the British Heart Foundation charity shop, which has brought me and extensive experience in leadership, communication and working with customers.

The inspiration that I get for my designs usually comes from nature, the books I read and the lectures that I have at my university. My university course has also taught me the importance of floorplans, materiality and sustainability when designing, especially with our current environmental issues.

My personal journey with interior design has been beautiful, transformative and fulfilling and I am excited to be a part of such an exciting industry with so many opportunities.

Julia K. A. - 2nd year Interior Design student in Manchester "

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