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Julia Baeva

Julia Baeva. Architect-designer. Saint Petersburg, Russia.


My interest in interior design began as a child with the well-known Sims game. I didn't want to create characters, I just spent hours creating huge houses, thinking about the layout, arranging furniture, decor and starting a new home. This craving was attached to my ability to draw, fantasize and a wild passion to see every little detail of life in detail.

My father gave me the understanding that our whole life is chemistry and physics. He helped me grow in those subjects that are not easy for girls. And I loved it. My worldview expanded, I tried to understand why this or that object is exactly the same, what it consists of and what it is capable of. I think this led me to architecture. I graduated with honors from the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and this gave me a tremendous opportunity to develop myself further in the design of interiors and low-rise buildings. I completed training in 3d visualization, became a member of the Siberian Association of Architects and Designers. But all this would not be worth anything without an architectural education.

I believe that no interior can exist without an understanding of architecture. This is the base. This is the foundation. We must understand what and from what we are making. People turn to us for help in organizing their space in which they spend the maximum amount of time. And just placing branded items in the rooms is not a design, it is not an interior. I believe that everything that surrounds us is architecture. This is science. This is understanding. This is a certain worldview, without which it is difficult to live. This is the art of making all our fantasies come true.

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