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Judy Jabbour

If an actor can experience multiple lives by playing multiple characters, then an architect can have a similar experience by designing different structures.

Architecture had to be the discipline I major in. It has given me the opportunity to make use of my imagination and all of my talents, interests and skills to participate effectively in improving the world around me.

Drawing, painting, writing, photographing, I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't making art, and the more art I made the more sensitivity I gained towards shapes, forms, materials and colors and the feelings they deliver to the observer. That sensitivity flourished when I started studying architecture, it inspired me to look deeper into the psychological connection between people and their surroundings, I started analyzing everything around me, considering it as an input for the design process, and that made me realize that buildings as human-used sculptures, make architecture the most responsible form of art, because it doesn't only affect the observers, but it shapes them, it shapes society.

After graduating in late 2019, I had decided to postpone my masters plans and go to Dubai for work instead, the city of vast opportunities for young architects like me. But the pandemic hit the globe, and my plans were put on hold. I didn't have many options in Syria, so as it has always been for me at university, I had to defend my vision, refused to fall for the norms, and choose the easy path of turning to designing and making visuals mostly for classical interiors. After a challenging period of time spent in experimenting, developing my skills, and searching for possible inspiring opportunities, I was able to win my first competition in May 2020, a renovation of a commercial building complex in France, applying the same philosophy and forms I had to defend as a student. Now as the world is reopening again, and my plans are about to be made into reality, I'm very dedicated to taking my part in creating more inspiring, sustainable, and humane architecture.

Instagram: Judy Jabbour (@thejudyjabbour) • Instagram

J U D Y J A B B O U R (@jvdyjabbovr) • Instagram

Linkedin: Judy Jabbour | LinkedIn

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