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Judelia Halim

Instagram- judeliahalim

Hello, I'm Judelia. I am currently working as a junior architect in PHL Architects, which I joined in 2019 after receiving my bachelor degree from Tarumanagara University Jakarta in the same year. My passion and love for architecture since I was a kid caters enthusiasm and drive from within that I could come up with this idea for my Final Project (Equipoise Office). Thankfully, it was chosen as one of the exhibitors of Public Expose 8.27, a campus-wide architectural exhibition for handful of selected projects among those registered during the semester. My career has only just begun, and there will be greater challenges ahead as an architect given the technological advances that may or are already starting to replace this field of work. However, I remain convinced that architects are the fruit of the mind supported by a sense of art to provide a balance between the benefits and beauty of the fruit of the artwork in the form of building design. And be it a smooth or a rocky one, I will continue on this journey of giving birth to beautiful and meaningful architectural artworks.

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