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Jshu Oasis

Jshu Design

Jshu Oasis was designed as a space of physical relaxation and mental stimulation. The project

could I have you was based on the idea of isolation and finding a peaceful getaway from everyday

rush. It was aimed at people who appreciate minimalistic, yet carefully crafted details. The goal was

to create space that would feel very cosy and safe while keeping the design quite raw and simple.

In the middle of the building there is a pool, which along with the sitting area makes up the

central part of the Oasis. The lemon trees that are placed between the lounging cabins help create a

feeling of being close to nature even though the building itself is only composed of horizontal and

vertical lines. The stairs situated on the left side of the pool lead up to the interior of the building

which hides a secret spot. In order for the building to remain neutral in its environment and the

surrounding landscape a light sandstone color was applied, which also helps the inhabitants remain

focused and calm. large ceramic vases along with furniture crafted using dark wood play an

extremely important role in making the space feel inviting and alive.

From the beginning the most important goal of the project was to create a simple and

cohesive form In which all the elements complement each other and play an equally important role

in creating a calm yet eye catching space.

Jshu Oasis was meant to transport the observer into a safe place, which could be filled by

their own imagination. Many will find such getaway invaluable, especially in the challenging times we

came to live in.

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