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Joanne and Christina

Joanne Spyrides (@joannespyrides) • Instagram photos and videos

Xristina Zafeiriou (@xristina_zafeiriou) • Instagram photos and videos

Hi its Joanne and Christina, graduate Architects from the Aristotle University. Our paths met in Thessaloniki, but we travelled the world searching for inspiration and innovation. We hope that with our thesis project we could perhaps inspire others via our approach of architecture. Long before the global pandemic made the online education essentially relevant we had the idea of a virtual space of knowledge and information. We identify ourselves and our peers as active members of the Generation Z, born in technology, and we tried to visualize this provisional territory, the experiences and the ideas. Our goal was to understand how the views of the younger generation could affect the wider population, design, and behavior of people in general. This conceptual ground describes not only a way of thinking, but also a way of producing space and architecture. The beautiful analogy between form and function is destabilized by the new approach of a space that has not been designed yet, with its own rules, that are written by the Game of Life.

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