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Jennifer Durand

My Instagram is @jenni_dl95

My Arch Studio insta is

Hello! My name is Jennifer Durand, I am 25 years old. I am a Peruvian architect with an interest in the use of technologies in architecture. Since I was studying architecture at the University, I realized that I was interested in using technology to push the existing limits of architecture here in Peru. My interests have led me on a research path on 3d printing, virtual reality, machine learning and computational design.

I have my own studio called OVA (Office of Versatile Architecture) where I carry out projects of various kinds, mostly residential and commercial. And I also work as a teacher at the Ricardo Palma University teaching design workshop level VI.

For me in architecture there is nothing impossible, there is always a way to do things, as long as it is done with passion and creativity. And I also believe that one should never lose the spark of curiosity and keep learning.

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