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Jasmine Arora


My initial inspiration came from Shaka Laka Boom Boom. It's an Indian series where a boy draws with his magic pencil and the object becomes real. When I came to know about Architecture in my 8th standard, I was so much fascinated. I felt like it is such a magical tool to turn your dreams and imagination into a reality. That is Architecture to me- simply magical. So, During my 10th standard, I went to Chandigarh for NATA coaching. When I entered college I could only think about creating a world of my dreams but Architecture has the power to convert the entire world like the dreams of so many people.

The Spider man's phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" is also applicable in architecture. As we starting studying urban issues in our third year of college, I understood that we have to serve the society with our powerful tool. College taught us to think from everyone's perspective and to be sensitive towards nature and various people. Because architecture is not just about buildings, it's about the built spaces inclusive of nature that we create for people. As architects we must think of all the aspects of the environment that we are creating- for example, are we maintaining the ecological balance? Right now I am working as an intern and I think the common saying is true that college only opens your brain. Real work starts after college.

P.s- between dreams and reality there is a certain distance unlike shaka laka boom boom but are we willing to travel that distance to see the magic? Now, that's what matters.

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