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  • Baraa Adil AlHusseinawi

Istanbul Architecture Center

In advance the concept has been created an origin form over the original area by two main splines overlapping with each other simply representing the mixture of tra- dition and cultures of the district and informing us ab- out the style of art that has mostly affected that district which it is postmodernism style and these two splines representing that style briefly. Then they had started ma- king the shape and taking the original green spaces over it original level to make that walkable green roof to achieve that clean and healthy environment while the building is hugging the green spaces and making a sustainable complex. The concept became a projection of the original green faces and merging it with site that face with slope to have well designed concept and acceple connection between all the parts of the building, and then the going down to make an open courtyard for temporary events and exhibition and make the connection between the levels of the ground. The façade is wooden double skin façade to protect from direct sun.

Post digital style presentation boards of the fifth semester work made using 3ds max, vray, autocad, illustrator and photoshop.

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