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  • John Luke Hodgkins

Internal farming

Names: John Luke Hodgkins

Offices: ANOTHER_A_R_T_I_S_T

Architectural and product visual arts studios

Location of project: Hamburg, Germany

Rendered: Another Artist

Social media: @another_a_r_t_i_s_t

About the project: The set of highly photo real 3D rendered stills attached showcases a piece of architecture post CoronaVirus. Possibly more people will want to stay indoors after the pandemic and therefore will want to take advantage of their homes. One way to stay safe is to grow fresh produce from your own courtyard. Beautiful chemical free, safe food straight to your kitchen tops. These images tell this story. This project was created using 3ds Max for the modelling, textures and lighting of the scene. I rendered the scene using Corona and then I used Photoshop for post production.

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