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  • M.Ghaith Jreikh Mohammad Najah Yassin

Intangible Heritage Complex

University of Aleppo


Presented by:

M.Ghaith Jreikh

Mohammad Najah Yassin

Approved philosophy

The principle that was adopted in the construction and development of the design idea is the principle of contradiction in architecture in order to respect the general surrounding fabric from the outside and drop the lines forming the volumetric formations in proportion to the design idea adopted from the inside.

The approved levels of contradiction between the inside (project lung) and the outside:

- Use of cladding materials

-Volumetric formations


-Environmental solutions

The design idea

The design idea originated from the most important element of the intangible heritage, which is the traditional crafts that were mostly combined with geometric decorative shapes.

The decorative element adopted is the ten-pointed star.

1towards the center, even if they do not point to it in a geometric sense, but they revolve drawings symbolizes God.

When drawing, a point is fixed in the middle, and all parts of the element are directed towards the center, even if they do not point to it in a geometric sense, but they revolve around it in a regular geometric fashion as if it always points to that center without reaching it, just like the philosophy of the one God from which everything comes and to which everything returns.

When the drawing is finished, the center is erased so that it does not have a tangible material effect, but the lines revolve around it and confirm its existence as the world around us by the thought of Muslim mystics about the one God that exists and does not exist ...

The ornamental element was not used as it was in the past, but its philosophy was preserved only to simulate the architectural and artistic trends of the postmodern period that emphasize addition rather than selection, innovation and inconsistency, and favors anarchic vitality over clear monism.

As for the external volumetric formations facing the public square and Al-Zaim Shukri AlQuwatli Street (the western and northern sides), the cubic shapes that are compatible with the general fabric surrounding advances and regressions were dealt with in a way that achieves the ratio of the lengths of its retreating ribs to the advanced ribs, the golden ratio of 1,618 on the western axis and vice versa on the northern axis

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