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Inside Out villa

Designer: Mohamad Varzandeh

Visualization: Mohamad Varzandeh

Location: Tehran, Iran

Mohammad Varzandeh (@mohamad.varzandeh) • Instagram photos and videos

This villa is designed for an small family of four, the infrastructure of this building is 156 square meters. This building is designed in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Includes two rooms and one master bedroom in the first floor. Living room and tv-room are in ground floor and also the kitchen.

One of the main demands of the plan was to connect the outside and inside of the building as much as possible, which is exactly why this villa was named.

The main structure of this building consists of a network of concrete columns and metal beams, which has contributed to the strength of the building.

The main material of villa Inside Out is white concrete, which I really like the combination of this concrete with galvanized metal, fortunately this combination is well displayed in the design and is tangible and visible.

The presence of the pool is one of the demands of the design so that there is a way of communication between the sides of the pool, I preferred to use a piece of suspended stone on it so as not to damage the main nature of the pool. The only black stone used in this design has been implemented in exactly this part of the design, and this shows the importance of this issue in the design.

The metal beams that can be seen in the western part of the villa, in addition to creating a living space in the southern part that has very good light, have made the space dynamic and created shading at different hours of the day. Get out of the state of absolute stillness and induce a pleasant feeling in the audience.

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