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  • Süleyman Yildiz


by- Süleyman YILDIZ (

What distinguishes Izmir from other coastal cities and leaves a unique taste in the minds of those who visit the city, is the diverse and comfortable outdoor usage habit that spreads throughout the year.

When we think about the inhabitants of Izmir in this context, we mean Izmir; It would be correct to describe it as a life style with its own urban culture.

The Main Transfer Center will be a place where those coming from outside of the city will get their first impressions of Izmir, and the residents of Izmir will use them extensively in their daily lives.

In the design of this important public space of the city, it was seen as an inevitable necessity to take into consideration the references belonging to the lifestyle specific to Izmir, and it was aimed to become an urban focus that belongs to the location of the project, adopted by the city dwellers and compatible with the image of Izmir.

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