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Hyperloop Desert campus

Competition organiser: YAC

Competition year: 2020

Project Description: An untouched, unhindered, infinite landscape, where man’s intervention is yet to touch God’s creation, seems apt to locate the centre for the Hyperloop, novel creation of technology in this millennia, hence creating the ultimate paradox. Much like the site’s regional setting which encompasses a myriad of extremes in its nature, the desert and the valley, the plateau and the hills, the oxymoron is embedded within everything we see.

The form here thus showcases this contrast, created by the presence of dynamic free-flowing objects, utilising a combination of cutting edge technology and new-age materials, against the barren perpetuity, as an element of man’s creation, a gift to God.

The curves forming the sand dunes of the desert, frozen in time, instigate movement and dynamism which is represented in the manner in which the form comes together. The tectonics of the membrane-like material dominates the visual, mimicking the contextual experience. The innate tendency of the fabric to turn, fold, warp were experimented with to generate spaces that rise from the site, almost as if it belongs to it. The ebb and flow of the form allow for an organic systemic generation of a wide range of spaces offering the users unique sensibilities through their encounter with the architecture, thus appreciating humanity’s achievement.

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