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Hulya Demirkaya

Instagram - hulyadmrkya

Hi, I am Hülya Demirkaya and I am from Turkey. I am studying architecture at Gazi University in my senior year. I did not think of the architectural profession until the university preference period, but my interest in handicrafts and building construction processes led me to this profession. .I was born and raised in a small city then I moved a big city so the concept of belonging has a very important place in my life and architectural practices due to the difficulties of moving to a big city. My aim is to create liberating grounds instead of places where people are imprisoned. Architecture is an adventure for me, where I learn to question and seek an answer to the question of why in every step and every thought I take. On the other hand, for me, the most important feature of architecture is that it remains alive with research, communication and interaction, which is the common point of architecture and my personality.I am proud to be a part of this team of women architects from different parts of the world, hoping to produce useful and good work.

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