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How to Achieve a Vintage Look in Your Interior?

by Amruth Sampige – Co-Founder, Dash Square

If you’re a fan of vintage decor, and want to incorporate it in your interiors, you don’t necessarily have to head to an antique shop. Vintage refers to anything that is from another era. But today, there are many designers / brands that create contemporary pieces of furniture, accessories, carpets, textiles that exude a vintage look. Contemporary design with a vintage style is a genre, that will help you achieve the look you have in mind using a few pieces of furniture and accessories. Whether you want to soak your home in a predominantly vintage look, or add a smattering of vintage vibe in your contemporary home, it is easily possible with the kind of selection of furnishings and accessories.

Vintage articles add a distinct character to your space, giving it a style edge. In a modern, clean-line home, a vintage piece can add a surprising element and warmth. It just goes to show that, you have paid enough attention to putting together your interiors, rather than just buying a “trendy” look.

Of course, you should also keep your eye out for furniture and accessories that are from another era, whether from antique stores or from things that have passed down in your family. Old photographs, artworks, mirrors, grandfather’s clocks, trunks, suitcases, a dresser, or a chaise lounge, all these can bring in the quintessential vintage look. Sometimes, all you need to do is, replace two of your dining chairs with vintage ones, or add a coffee table with an old-style to your living space. Introducing a few pieces of cane furniture also does the trick.

You could also bring in a vintage flair through small touches such as hardware – nailheads of furniture, door / cabinet knobs, kitchen / bathroom faucets, upholstery fabric… they all add a charming extra detail. Lights are another way to add the vintage look – chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps can bring in that old-world beauty. Carpets with vintage motifs or florals also come in handy to spread a warm and fuzzy feeling of nostalgia.

If you want to bring a subtle vintage vibe without altering your interior décor much, some tabletop accessories like candle stands, photo frames, vases, sculptures, wall art, etc are enough to achieve it.

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