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  • Milica Zivkovic

Housing Production

Architect: Milica Zivkovic @m_oon.arch • Instagram

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

What if an old industrial building becomes a sustainable living space? How important is the role of public spaces nowadays? Why is history crucial for development?

This project presents reconstruction of an old factory, combining working and living space, complemented with green public spaces. The ground floor would remain with the same functional program as before / elevators production /, while the upper floors are becoming living space for the workers. Living spaces are composed of different variations based on one modular unit, and big terraces for improving social interaction between residents. Let us imagine the concept of a simple game called Tetris. The players complete lines by moving differently shaped pieces /tetrominoes, in our case this would be a living modular unit/, which descends onto the playing field. The player can proceed to fill the vacated spaces until the playing field is filled. Graduation from public to private spaces is one of the important concepts of this project as well. Public spaces are a society’s communication center. It is where society takes place.” Besides the public central courtyard where we can find relaxing areas as well as children playgrounds, on the north side of this complex they can enjoy sports fields.

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