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House of Greens

Firm Name: Intrigue Designs

Design Team: Nehit Vij & Devyani Gupta Project Location: New Delhi Project Completion Year: 2019 Project Type: Residential Project Area: 2 acres Scope of Work: Architecture+ Landscape+ Interior designs

“The unbuilt is the true context for the built . It is only then , that one is able to create an organic , timeless spiritual space for the inhabitants.” Located in one of the most prominent areas of New Delhi, the project has been devised with a concentric thought of preserving the thriving treescape of the site while curating a contemporary abode. The built spaces have been carefully crafted in and around the existing treescape, that was desired to be maintained by the patrons of this lavish household. The architecture and interior design of this 2 acre project, accentuate the authenticity of the site and are conceptualized in sync with the mature gardens that are punctuated by a swimming deck, stretched along the entire front length of the building.

As stated above, the clients primarily envisioned a green retreat integrated with luxurious modern-day facilities. Merging the organic environment with the interior spaces, the built-form has been given a horizontal spread, meandering the composition in a lyrical flow with continuing (green )connections. The connecting spaces are adorned with wooden pergolas/ trellis, to enhance the journey between each cluster of built-form. Requisite privacy has been presented to the users, by placing the private spaces on the rear end of the site and fore fronting the design with vibrant green lawns.

Approached by a driveway, the user is greeted with a panoramic view of the green spread, before casting a glance at the inviting façade treatment. Composed of indigenous slate cladding and white paint, the external façade complements the natural palette of the ambiance while possessing a bold and defined statement. Complying with Delhi’s seasonal changes, the flora sprinkled throughout the land; dons changing shadow patterns on the façade, thus imparting it with a dynamic expression. Magnanimous openings on the north and eastern side, give a glimpse of the poised interiors. The south surface has minimised openings to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, during peak summers. Aligned on an ordinal axis, the main opening is directed towards a serene swimming deck, on the northern side.

Designed to portray an understated plush appeal, the deck area inculcates comfortable chairs and a bar set-up in an environ,naturally shaded by the cocoon of trees for the maximum span of the day. The climbing Bougainville on the cantilevered steel pergola, melds with the surroundings and envelopes the stone bar placed next to the entrance walkway.

As the design indulges further, a chamfered lobby accessible from the swimming deck, leads way to the main block.This block houses the integral spaces laid out in an efficient planning scheme. At the inception,a formal drawing room makes its subtle appearance followed by the dining area, giving way to the imminent swimming deck and TV room. A major accentuating component in this zone, is the exposed brick wall, on which the television set is mounted. Tagged as the ‘wall in motion’, this feature has been conceived through the principals of parametric design, undulating dynamically along the vertical interface. This area further gives way to the master bedrooms situated on ground floor.All roomsspills out to a private summer court or the swimming court surrounded by the lush vitality. The upper levels have been connected by a innovatively crafted floating staircase, overlooking artistic galleries adorned with paintings, on the second floor.

A profound emphasis has been evidently laid on the indoor furnishings, with modern geometric assets used strategically to amplify the sophisticated flamboyance. The color palette primarily infuses pastel shades, with a combination of decorative accent lighting for living spaces and soft gold pendant lighting for bedrooms, to render the entire set-up with a luminous grace. An array of exhibited artistic piecescreated by celebrated artists, impart further nuance to the designed space and are property of the well-versed clients. They are a reflection of the inhabitants’ artistic personalities, and supplement the composition with a sense of finesse. Along with composing the entire architectural schema, the design team has also inculcated pieces of bespoke furniture, that are at par with the prevalent palette. Consoles and patterned coffee tables instil the picturesque flavour into the layout along with manoeuvring the activity around these pieces. A 10’ bar counter, suspended from the ceiling, forms a major highlight of the dining room as compared to the subtly blending bar designon the deck. Smaller aspects of elegance including the frames binding the artistic paintings, have also been fashioned by the architectural team, to provide the ultimate design exclusivity. The House of Greens,thus,is an evolution of the enveloping green microcosm forming an amalgamation of timeless architecture with chic décor and interior design.

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