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  • Hadeel Mousa

Healthcare Resort

Healthcare Resort is a resort designed to receive the cure, the sick, and the seekers of the heal. It is also a cure for the soul and soothes the soul from the pressures of daily life experienced by man through treatment with many types of massage that help to relax, a centre for healing and nourishing the mind, body, and soul. The reasons for going to spas are restoring body fitness, managing stress, peace of mind, pampering and pleasure, health, and wellness staying healthy, relaxing, losing weight, detox, exercising to walk, eating well, and feeling inspired a wide variety of traditional and modern technologies and services.

The project location at Green Mubazzarah next to Jebel Hafeet since it is a tourist attraction point, and it is at the border between Al Ain and Oman. This project addresses people of all cultures for which goals and objectives been set to cater to people's healing needs to provide a unique healing destination point and to put the country of the tourism healing industry map.

The concept of the project is based on the idea of UAE traditions, castle design, privacy and stable relations between nature and its habitats form a new oasis design that enriches people physical activities; wellbeing and the joy of healing with mineral hot water in the privacy of their rooms, sweets provided with all modern telecommunications, upgrade control of all services to the range to the highest level that satisfies end-users.

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