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  • Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos

Hauer Freire House

Architects: Marcos Bertoldi arquitetos (@marcosbertoldi_arquitetos)

Built Up Area: 1753m2

Typology: Residential

Status: Built

Location: Curitiba - PR- Brazil

On a large lot with frontage on two streets, in the form of an elongated L in a steep terrain, this modern mansion bets on minimalism of forms and materials. The entrance is on the upper street, through an internal driveway, next to the left property line. This is a three-story structure. The floor plan of the intermediate level is like a folded bar, with three wings outlining two squares. The formal reception wing is common to both squares and perpendicular to the internal driveway. The square that faces this driveway marks the main entrance, highlighted by trees and a lawn. The service wing and informal living room are located below the top floor, composing the private wing. The other square includes the informal reception wing along the driveway over the podium that shelters the garages and the well-equipped gymnasium, in whose ceiling is installed the patio with the swimming pool. Enclosed patios with plants are incorporated here and there throughout the wings, as a counterpoint to the woods in the backyard. The staircases emphasize the linearity of the composition, and are implemented in order to guarantee both the articulation and the functional autonomy of the wings and podium. With its finished concrete, glass , stone and wood, the construction emerges stratified, in a mixed structure, including slender colonnades. The materiality, the cantilevers and the elongated glass openings between the levels maximize the horizontality.

- Carlos Eduardo Comas


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