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Hasköy Fashion Academy

Studio ZAYD (@studiozayd) • Instagram

The function of this project in Hasköy is the fashion academy. It was designed as a complex that includes sub-functions of this sector. First of all, climate and environmental data were my main factors while forming. The idea behind this project was that the building could relate to where it is, behave as if it were there. Nature always offers us the most optimal design. I tried to reach this result by using the data of nature. I thought of it as a structure that may have been formed as a result of the destruction of the climate and environmental data there, but also invites people and users.

Therefore, combined a natural input with human touch inputs and obtained a hybrid optimized output. Deformations were made in the field in order to make the most of the sun and wind. This shell reaches out to the ground at certain points and invites the user to the building so that it can be visited. The fact that this is not one-sided creates an attraction to the building from every angle and makes it a versatile building. Later, certain parts were reduced so that the sun could reach the parts where the sun did not reach.Then, in order to make this shell suitable for human volume and circulation, by making 3 meters upward movements floors and spaces were created. There are workshops and offices on the upper levels. The common terrace of these spaces also serves the podium function. The piri pasha bath we protect consists of the trilogy of museum + shop + cafe. The other 2 buildings we protect serve the library function.

The building has a lot of relationships with the outside world. There is circulation and access to places in every aspect. It has an orientation that invites the outside user in At the same time, the pavilion design in the park has an algorithm suitable for the form of the building. In short, this building is a hybrid complex that works like a topography and derives from a shell designed by mimicking nature. A form designed for the coexistence of human and nature, respecting nature and incorporating human beings. It is a structure that appeals to its user with its functions, is versatile and it draws the user in and creates a point of attraction with the stratification of the building by gliding over different levels.

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