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  • Abbie Hill

Harmony - A Co-Living Accommodation

A Co-Living Accommodation centred around uniting individuals through physical and mental well-being.

With over 66% of us predicted to live in metropolitan areas by 2050, the demand for innovative high-density living solutions is essential. My aim is to seek answers for how this can be created to ensure masses of people live together harmoniously. I believe that Co-Living is most effective when centered around immersive experiences that individuals can appreciate together, Allowing unity and expression. This concept gives users the ability to have places of common interest which will help create community by finding like-minded people. Harmony is designed to allow individuals to grow together and learn to adapt to a peaceful way of life that puts mental and physical health first. This design is user focused with single individuals in mind as the arrangement aims to fight loneliness and bring a wide demographic of people together. The glass atrium allows an overview of the upper floors giving residents a full view of the different activities that are taking place. The grand staircase works as a central point of all levels connecting the upper floors which are most prominent to the design.

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