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Hanieh Lotfipour

Instagram- hanieh_lotfipour

I am a motivated and passionate architect and designer, influenced by modern and new architectural systems in addition to all creative design lines that I follow in my major and career. Potentially, I pay full attention to historical architectures in which inspire modern designs.

I believe that architecture is the answer to the desideratum of nature and humans.

By collaborating with different architects, designers, and instructors from diverse backgrounds, and also from all over the world, I will be capable of broadening my international outlook while simultaneously strengthening my professional abilities.

Over the past decade, I have won several Architectural Awards in the company with my precious team, including WA Awards 10+5+X 31st to 35th Cycles, Candidate for the 3rd Golden Trezzini Awards, and many other architectural awards. I have also been the reporter of the World Architecture Community, since April 2020 in the field of Iran architecture news.

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