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  • Daria Pilipak


Author: Daria Pilipak

The hangar is located in the Zhukovsky Airport, in the suburbs of Moscow. The aim of this extensional part was not only to store and provide technical services to aircrafts but also to hold a large-scale avia forum – MAKS (International Aviation and Space Show), which exhibits achievement in the sphere of avia constructions and technical equipment from around the world. It was necessary to create a functionally flexible building: from one side a hangar in daily use and on another side – pavilion which might highlight the uniqueness of exhibited aircraft.

Inspiration was taken not far away from sky motive. It was significantly important to avoid massive impressions from the hangar which might be born on the basis of the enormous volume scale. That is why a small-scale wooden square structure was chosen as the main construction unite. Those modules were permitted to create a roof with smooth slopes that supported the visual esthetical concept of light and airy shell. Additionally, a slight difference in vertical axel of modules rhythm allowed to obtain a large amount of natural lighting, which is an important quality for exhibition pavilion.

Enormous panoramic glasses not only served as a connection between inside and outside spaces but also providing the feeling that the roof hovers above the ground and has no points of support. This effect of transparency is underlining the idea of a weightless structure. Total white color analogously involved in the performance of the illusion of volume lightness. Apart from that, the hangar is attracting attention with its color accent on the background of the dark surrounding forest.

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