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  • Ceren Kalayci


Architectural Production (@inspotectural) • Instagram photos and videos

Mef University, Istanbul, Turkey

The hamam+ is a project based on designing a bathhouse in Antalya/Turkey. Throughout history , hamams have been used for physical cleansing, due to the fact that the lack of bathrooms in houses in the majority of the community. Through time the function of hamam remains the same rather extends. The hamam culture in Turkey is facing erosion so a new hamam complex needed to offer more than physical cleansing.

In this hamam , the aim is to offer the visitors mental cleansing and relaxation with the cleansing of the body.Hamam is already quite fertile to offer mental relaxation to the visitors, this project aims to enhance this fertility by using the existing plants which are suitable to extract tea off such as Lindel, lemon, orange, olive leaf, daisy, melissa, and bergamot.

Tea has always been known for its relaxation and calming effects on the human body especially the kinds listed above.

This hamam+ complex aims to activate all receptors of the five senses: touch, hear, see, taste, and smell to enhance the experience. The most significant is using the healing properties of the sound of water.

To enhance the experience of relaxation and introversion the aim was to create spaces from subtraction within the hill occurring a ‘cave-like space ’ with tunnels rethinking the relationships and the circulation paths within the parts of an hamam.

The project aimed to distort and rethink the hierarchy between ılıklık,soğukluk, and sıcaklık sections merging all of them and enabling the passenger not to be dependent on one single route to any of the parts of the hamam.

Soğukluk: The very first space - the coldest - when entered a hamam, functions as a dressing room.

Ilıklık: The intermediate space in between, functions either as a transition path, a body temperature adjustment space, or a bathing area. Sıcaklık: The space where the main action occurs, bathing.The hottest space in a hamam.

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