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Hala Sahall

Hala Sahall (@hala.skp) • Instagram

Hello! My name is Hala Sahall, an architect from Sudan.

I enrolled into architecture school at the University of Sharjah as I could not see myself doing anything else. I was not necessarily an artistic person and I certainly did not know how to draw but my passion kept me moving forward!

Through my architectural journey, I figured that creativity could mean many things. High modernist architecture for instance highlights creativity in planning and use of materials. This heavily influenced my architectural identity that follows the “form from function” design approach.

I like to challenge myself and push boundaries in architecture which eventually led to me developing interests in materials, construction, retrofitting, architectural photography, parametric design, furniture design, and most importantly, humanitarian architecture, the field I chose to pursue my masters in at Politecnico di Milano.

Join me on this journey as I continue to grow and learn through my instagram portfolio @hala.skp

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