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Gulberk Gulbahce

Instagram- rosegarden340

I’m Gulberk and an interior architect & environmental designer. One of my father's well-known artist friends. coincidentally saw my drawings, my art journey begins here. I studied at an ordinary school in primary and secondary schools. Then I took the talent exam of the fine arts high school and passed. We held many exhibitions with the school here. After studying for 4 years, I graduated from Ankara Anatolian Fine Arts High School. Later, I took the talent exams held by individual universities and I won them all with the best grades. I graduated from TOBB ETU University from department of interior architecture and environmental design, where I won the third place, after 5 years. I participated in the project design competition organized by both IED and Naba academy for the master's degree in 2016-17. I earned 50% from IED academy in Barcelona, 40% scholarship from NABA in Milano. I chose NABA academy because I was very curious about Milan. I lived and studied for a year in Milano. Then I had to go back to Turkey before completing my training.


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