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Gonca Özgüven

Instagram- laroseraie

My interest in architecture started when I moved to Vienna. I actually moved to Vienna to study law, but I was a curious student that wanted to join one of my friends' architecture classes. Things I heard of from the lecture gave me a new perspective to discover the city in a new way. I was impressed by the architecture of Vienna and the professor introduced this new field of learning to me. I added introductory lectures to my schedule to discover more about architecture; The Idea of creating living spaces for people that supply their needs captivated me day by day. I loved stretching the limits of my imagination and bringing them into a concrete form. Besides from using technical approaches and creativity, adding further mutli-disciplinary approaches that I love, such as art, technology, science and psychology into architecture, made my enthusiasm grow over the years.

As an undergraduate student, I have worked in architectural firms and found opportunities to develop projects for several contests. I enjoyed these experiences fully and they have proven to me that I found what I wanted to do with my life.

As of now, I am an architect, currently studying for my master’s degree; and I will always have the eagerness to learn and most of all continue to be productive.

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