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  • Stefania Sagliocco Architetto

FUTURO PRIMITIVO_art exhibition

Curated by Stefania Sagliocco Architetto

Art-exhibition of

Antonio Barbieri + Luca Grechi

Photo Credits:

Giorgio Benni 

Marco Del Bigo

Stefania Sagliocco

Matteo Scuffiotti

The Futuro Primitivo exhibition was designed by OCCOstudio, in collaboration with Galleria La Linea, by the will of Pro Loco of Montalcino and with the patronage of the Municipality of Montalcino, inside the suggestive Historic Town Hall of Montalcino, in September 2019.

The exhibition is an anthological, visual and introspective journey within the Human Being , through of the artworks of Antonio Barbieri e Luca Grechi. A narration of the emotional aspects of human existence, as well as of the alternating vicissitudes of the history of Western philosophical thought.

The exhibition was an integral part of the development of the curatorial project.

In total counter-trend with the habit of inserting works of art in containers completely empty of their own aesthetic connotations (with an almost overused preference for white walls and gray floors), for this path it was chosen to immerse the visitor in a sort of Elsewhere, which in itself narrates the sensory experience of growth and awareness, through the use of the works.

As in a sort of théâtral piece with inverted parts, the visitor has gone through the narration of different eras of human thought, immersing himself in sounds, smells and luminous environments, which varied throughout the exhibition. Particular interest was devoted to the study of the most appropriate lighting, but also to the inclusion of objects "other" than the works of the two artists on display, Antonio Barbieri and Luca Grechi.

In the first Room, a man, slave of Nature (or Divine Essence) which rules everything, and to which he is obliged to succumb with his head bowed, then, as the route progresses, presumptuous master of reality, with the affirmation of science and with the triumph of the autocracy of reason.

In this dual tension, which always misleads our human-emotional-being, the only road to salvation is represented by the contemplation of beauty. A primitive future of harmony, made of balance and beauty to which to abandon ourselves in serenity, for a continuous sustainable regeneration of territory and civilization, development and evolution.

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