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  • K Shanthi

Framework of Reminiscence: Rendering social memory through the wilderness

Name - K Shanthi

Tutors - Sandip Patil, Yati Baaghel Sengupta

Teaching Associative - Aishwarya Goel

Project Title: Framework of Reminiscence: Rendering social memory through the wilderness

The studio aims to identifying, investigating the identity of the city and the citizens in a complex urban setting. The design enquires into a natural and cultural product of a landmark park and solving critical issues like memory, affinity, and aspiration.

The study area Gandhi mandapam is a typical memorial park, and one of the oldest amid Chennai city. This holds the rich memory of great leaders who fought for freedom. The site is associated with strong historical relations and also expresses the 73 years of democracy. There are very few historical markers that exist in Chennai that celebrate the sacrifices of our Nation. But now they have faded to be mere landmarks for route navigation.

The vision aims to retrieve the social memory of the site by creating a symbolic landscape that interlaces with the attributes of the time, natural setting, and the people associated with it. The strong association with the National forest creates an opportunity to accentuate new nodes of concentration and focus on the indigenous layer as a publicly valued landscape.

The park envisaged being more mediate to communicate and connects the people with the reminiscence and wilderness. This park not only allows the user to become aware of the past but also creates a close relationship between people and forest ecology. Connecting these Historical builds and Ecological builds to create a social node, which will act as an idea of freedom and Democracy. This will become an identity and add to the city’s fabric by provoking the Sense of place in the citizens.

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