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  • Shurooq Salem design studio

Food Hub


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Firm Location: Helioples, Cairo, Egypt,


Completion Year: June 2019

Gross Built Area: 920m2

Project location: : Helioples, Cairo, Egypt, Merryland park

Project Description

This Food Hub with a new vision is located in Egypt, Merryland park in helioples era . The design of the food hub aims to provide a setting for the interaction between modernism and natural materilas, set in this semi-industrial urban context. The project is located in the middle of a huge park full of historical and rare trees. Food hub concept is inspired from the surrounding environment, abstracting tree shape and natural elements to form the interior columns and walls. The food hub is consist of 23 restaurant and cafe in-and out-door, a huge lobby surrounded by seating areas,Interfering green areas. The main entrence into the building is through two entrances at sides of the building It leads into a central greenery lobby to connect the indoor with the surrounding nature and make a sense of spaciousness.

The use of natural building materials like woods, stones, and plants leaves to the industrial setting and amplifies the sense of nature that engages the user’s visual senses. Metals and industrial style is intentionally left unfinished and used to abstract the trees structure as a Columns supporting a revealed wooden Ceiling which eventually forms the design. While the glass is positioned in a 45 degree angle, allowing transparency and permeability to the building, especially natural light, with the heat gain mitigated through heat recovery from the mechanical ventilation system. 6 types of bricks, stones, and wood cladding are used to accentuate different faces of the restaurants and cafe.

Walking through each restaurant gives you the feeling of different materials and textures with different identities by interplaying of materials, lighting and opacity, but overall looking at the interior you will feel all the faces are similar and completing each other under the same natural style. The solidity and transparency and the contrast of materials and shadows spaces, resulting in an integration of and boundary between inside and

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