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Fima Carlo Frattni Unveils Showersheads from the Wellness Series

Fima Carlo Frattini, a well known Italian brand in the faucets industry with innovative design and engineering competence. It is expressed in their unique solutions in terms of design, quality and functionality, focusing on the environment and environmental sustainability. They have launched new showerheads from their Wellness Series in India that can help you transform your bathroom into a spa.

The Wellness Series offers luxury shower systems that are architecturally pleasing, smart and appealing shower sets that nourish your mind and body with utmost enrichment of life. These showers possess therapeutic essence to heal your soul from within by letting you experience water in a classy unexplored way. Fill your life with the highest level of luxury shower assets that give a visual appeal to your space and make you stand out from the crowd aesthetically. The new range of showereads include:


A multifunctional showeread that comes with the possibility of playing with different quantities of water. It also allows experimentation with different sensations at the same time with different types of jets; eight water jet sprays, soft and delicate raining jets and the cascade blade that converge in the centre for a vitalising result. The force of an ample water jet gives the sensation of immersion in an experience that evokes pleasant summer rain.

Harmonia is also equipped with 8 different led colours that enhance the emotions of the water with those of chromotherapy, creating a suggestive atmosphere and increasing the sensation of wellness.


Modular creates a real path to wellness. Composed of 5 different modules, combined according to various needs, it develops an authentic, relaxing moment under the shower enhanced by the sensory experience of chromotherapy. A personal spa designed on the synergy of water and chromotherapy.

The various modules are composed by combining different jets (Rain, Cascade, Mist Spray) with Chromotherapy and Entertainment with lights and music. The five modules can be installed side by side, connecting them on both the long and short sides, customizing the installation based on the size of your shower.


Sfera is a project conceptually simple, elegant in its form and extremely functional. A sphere with two cuts, where the first one allows you to hide all the technical elements and the second one shapes the surface from where the water flows. A soft and inviting water spray capable of giving sensations of wellness.


The design of Still is an expression of a simple and linear concept: a single cylindrical element, where 3 adjustable aerators are installed, able to guarantee a pleasant experience with a consumption of only 8 liters of water per minute. An ambitious project born from the brand’s mantra which includes the 3 values: green, quality and design.

Its distinctive water performance combined with its slim and minimalistic look offers the option of installing more than one shower heads. This shower head offers a memorable and charming shower experience ensuring a reduced water consumption without penalizing its aesthetics and well-being.

About Fima Carlo Frattini:

The history of Fima (Fabbrica Italiana Miscelatori Accessori) runs parallel to that of bathroom furniture and interior design and is based on three precise values that summarize its design philosophy: #Green #Quality #Design. The company - founded in 1960 by Carlo Frattini - has a dynamic, international and absolutely contemporary character that finds expression in unique and innovative solutions in the name of design, quality and functionality with particular attention to the environment and eco-sustainability. The Fima2 plant was designed in 2016 for a more efficient management of the various processing phases with latest generation machinery and systems to minimize consumption. In addition, the production center is powered by solar energy, generated thanks to the photovoltaic system, and is equipped with a "zero impact" galvanic system, able to work with Trivalent Chromium which, unlike hexavalent chromium (currently used in 1990 % of cases), is free of carcinogenic elements, does not produce waste and considerably reduces the percentage of waste.

“When I founded the company, in the 1960s, I already had experience in the sector, because I had been working as a craftsman for some time. I had invented particular types of machines for processing hoses. I started with accessories and later, together with my family, I entered the mixer business. Our company is a family business. This is an important value, which is maintained. Today it is my children and my family who run the company. The tap was our point of arrival, through which we were able to convey our image, brand and style. And even if we were among the last to dedicate ourselves to this production, in the space of fifteen years we have grown and specialized to such an extent that today we are counted among the first producers of taps in Italy,” states Carlo Frattini, President of Fima Carlo Frattini spa.


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