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Faustina Architecture

Instagram- faus.arch

Hello! I am studying at Taiwan taking bachelor degree in Architecture. When studying in the university, I started to learn and realize that architecture isn't just a house or building for people to stay, but architecture can become an art or other functional things beside for a living. Architecture is an living art and always connected to people, surroundings and culture. I know that, we, as an "architecture" student, always have difficulties during getting ideas for design and getting rush by deadlines and project stuffs. Especially for me who is studying abroad to another country, learning with different language which is not my first language, getting in a new environment and culture, but for me as long as we enjoy on what we are doing, we can break that big cunk of ice. Now I'm second year in the university and I'm looking foward for great chances in the future ahead! Goodluck for everyone who is still studying and for whom already achieve their dreams, never give up and keep going!

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