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  • Lavinia Arosculesei

Exhibition pavilion in the Anastasie Fătu Botanical Garden in Iași

Aroșculesei Lavinia (@arqoeur) • Instagram photos and videos

My first year project consisted of a temporary exhibition pavilion in the Anastasie Fătu Botanical Garden in Iași. This project aims to continue the attributes of the principles of architectural composition by referring to the spaces covered and the implications that the use of spaces and how to configure them have on the architectural form. Also, an important aspect is the consolidation of the connection between the two-dimensional, technical and artistic graphic representation of the project and the three-dimensional one, through the study model. Increased attention was also paid to the study of how spaces communicate with each other and with the outside. The proposed composition must ,first of all, analyze the problem of movement, , an essential problem, because the perception of a path in time introduces the 4th dimension of space. Thus, the coherence of the promenade sequences was studied so that each image could open continuous or discontinuous fields of visibility and could suggest the spatial sensation before being fully traversed. The model consisted in creating a volumetric composition on a real location, starting from simple geometric shapes, with a ground and first floor height and an area of approx. 200sqm. The volume created expressed, through a contemporary and dynamic approach, freedom, from the student's perspective. My construction is based on two important volumes, related to a staircase. The initial volume, smaller, is a terrace, a secondary space where people can relax and the main space, larger, includes a series of paintings, is a space covered with glass offering a beautiful panorama, both to the lake and to the forest.

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