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Instagram- estefaniaquevedom

My name is Estefania Quevedo Miranda, I am 24 years old and I was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. Architecture is my greatest passion in life. I am currently studying architecture and I am about to graduate. I have collaborated with different architecture studios in Mexico, the United States, Peru and Iceland doing architectural illustration. I always knew that I wanted to study architecture, one day in kindergarten (I was 2 years old) they asked us to draw what we wanted and I chose to draw the staircase of the place. The draw was literally a staircase in section, to date my mother has that drawing saved. When I was a child I used to love going to the wealthiest neighborhoods in my city to see houses. I loved to admire the houses and walked street by street seeing the details of each one.

In order to follow my dream of studying architecture, I had to go live to another city, Guadalajara. Here is where I really got to know architecture and generated my own concept of what architecture is. Inspired by regionalist architecture and the modern movement of Guadalajara. I think that architecture must respond to a context, to a why, enough of generic constructions that do not contribute anything to the city or the landscape and worse still, they destroy it. The role of the architect plays a very important role for the environment, 40% of the pollution that exists in the world is generated by construction, which puts the architect in a situation of responsibility towards the environment. An architectural project must be thought of in its entirety, everything must have a why; from the location, the orientation, the relationship with the context, the materiality, natural lighting and ventilation, vegetation, etc. I still have a long way to go but I'm excited!-

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